Your case will likely be complex, but your choice is simple.

Hiring us costs you nothing.

For the property owner, hiring an eminent domain attorney costs nothing, even if you recover more than the initial offer. By law, the condemning authority is required to pay the landowner’s attorney fees, as well as fees for any other experts retained to support your case.


Not hiring a lawyer could cost you.

Landowners are entitled to full compensation by law. But on your own, you may not understand all the elements that constitute “full compensation.” In an eminent domain case, most individual property owners lack the expertise and perspective to evaluate all the factors that make up “full compensation.” That’s where we come in. Our attorneys will review the impact of the taking from every angle, analyzing the condemning authority’s construction plans, evaluating the impact the actual construction will have on your property and retaining appraisers, accountants, engineers, and other experts to assist in determining the amount of full compensation due to you.

We understand the complexities and nuances of both sides.

We have worked on both sides of eminent domain cases, representing owners as well as private utility taking authorities. This experience and knowledge only helps us make your case stronger.


We’re here to help every step of the way.

We will assist you with pre-condemnation planning such as negotiating beneficial leases, if appropriate, and other matters that will place you in the best possible position to obtain the most compensation from the condemning authority.


And we could help you walk away with more than you expect.

Once we determine and evaluate all the factors of full compensation, we negotiate aggressively with the condemning authorities on your behalf to obtain proper compensation. In many cases, our clients received much larger settlements than they were initially offered. See our results.

If you want to receive full compensation,the first step is stepping
into our office.

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