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Project Name: South Lake Trail from Van Fleet Trail to Villa City Road (CR 565)

Project Website:

Project Number: 4225703

Impacted Counties: Lake

Condemning Authority: FDOT

Project Description:

The South Lake Trail, Phase IV is an 8.0-mile-long trail that begins at Van Fleet Trail (Withlacoochee State Forest, Sumter County) and ends at Villa City Road (City of Groveland, Lake County).  The project includes a 14 ft paved multi-use trail.  Cattle crossings, pedestrian bridge at SR 50, underpass at CR 33, wetland bridge, and trailheads are also included in the project.

Property acquisition is currently scheduled for 2024.

The project is broken into several segments. The first segment is 1.281 miles long from Van Fleet Trail to the Lake/Sumter County line.  The second segment is 1.183 miles long from the Lake/Sumter County line to State Road 50.  The third segment is 5.698 miles long from State Road 50 to Villa City Drive.

If your property is impacted by any segment of the South Lake Trail, please call us toll-free at (844) 925-3144. FDOT is responsible for payment of a property owner’s legal and expert fees by law.

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