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05/27/2020 – COVID-19, Now What?

May 27, 2020 4:47 pm
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COVID-19 has taken lives and disrupted lives in virtually every possible way. The impact to Florida’s economy could be particularly harsh. How long the battle lasts and the long term damage remain to be seen. Unfortunately, much of what has happened and is to come lies outside of our individual control, and that doesn’t feel good. As an alternative to panicking or running under the covers and binge watching Netflix, the best remedy for pandemic blues is likely doing whatever it is each of us does best. For us at HHBL, that’s representing our clients in eminent domain cases.

Indeed, during this pandemic, while adhering to all applicable orders and safety recommendations, we haven’t missed a beat. Each day we dedicate ourselves to responding to our clients’ needs, making sure their rights are protected, and moving closer to their goals at every opportunity. Over the past weeks, clients have routinely asked us to predict what the impacts of COVID-19 will be on their own cases and circumstances. Lacking a crystal ball, we often have to admit that we’re in part guessing and respond with our best predictions based on our training and experience. Usually, these interactions seem to bring comfort to our clients, as they’re then reminded that they have a team on their side covering their eminent domain needs. They can feel good knowing that eminent domain is at least one thing they don’t need to worry about. Regardless of the circumstances, we do our job, and doing our job makes us happy.

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This post was written by Edgar Lopez

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